Sushi Rolls and More Ways with Sushi Class for Beginners

To make a booking or for any enquires, please contact Kei.

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You can also book this class with two people or more or one-to-one to suit your time and date.

Location: kitchen in Seer Green, Buckinghamshire

Price: £85 pp - Weekdays | £95 pp - Weekend

Includes all ingredients, printed recipes and list of shops that you can buy your ingredients, sit down lunch/dinner with wine, sushi to take home and complete sushi starter kit (sushi rice, rice vinegar, wasabi paste, nori seaweed sheets, konbu kelpand rolling mat) to make your first sushi at home.

You will learn:

  • Introduction to Japanese ingredients and utensils

  • How to cook sushi rice properly – vital and very important!

  • How to make sushi vinegar

  • How to prepare and cut sushi fillings e.g; vegetables and raw sashimi quality fish

  • How to make tamago yaki, Japanese egg omelette as a filling using a unique Japanese rectangle frying pan - good fun!

  • Varieties of sushi rolls; hoso maki, ura maki, hoso ura maki, and temari zushi, traditional Japanese mini hand ball sushi and hints for making sushi for your sushi party and much more!

  • Cutting techniques and presentation skills

  • What to buy and where to shop

Vegetarian options available.

Please let Kei know your dietary requirement in advance.

To make a booking or any inquires, please contact Kei.

Miso soup and sushi