5 Course Dinner Party

Set Course Dinner Party  Sample Menu


Japanese dinner party

1st Course


Pan -fried Queen scallop flavoured with yuzu
garnished with chilli thread and black tobiko caviar

Rolled smoked salmon Japanese style with citrus ponzu sauce

Thinly sliced sea bass sashimi with yuzu oil

Beef tataki
thinly sliced seared fillet of beef with julienne of vegetables

Agedashi tofu (v)
deep-fried beancurd in tsuyu sauce


2nd Course

Watercress and Oriental mushrooms in walnuts sauce (v)

Asparagus in white sesame sauce (v)

Miso soup with vine-ripened tomato and wakame seaweed (v)

Assorted vegetable Tempura (v)
deep-fried in light tempura batter served with dipping sauce

Green salad with sea vegetables (v)
in wasabi dressing


 3rd Course

Fresh shitake mushrooms stuffed with minced prawns
and deep-fried served with grated ginger, mooli radish and dipping sauce

Deep-fried soft shell crab
Deep-fried in light tempura batter with chilli mayo and yuzu sauce

Beef Shabu Shabu salad
Thinly sliced sirloin beef served with spicy sesame sauce

Assorted Yakitori
Chicken and vegetables grilled with teriyaki sauce, chicken mini fillet grilled with wasabi sauce
(available in vegetarian)

Black Tiger prawn Tempura
Deep-fried in light tempura batter with dipping sauce

Aubergine with yuzu miso sauce (v)


Main Course

Japanese style Scotch beef fillet steak with garlic and lotus root crisps
in spicy yuzu pepper and citrus yuzu sauce served with grilled asparagus
and garlic chive buttered fried rice

Buta no Kakuni
Slow cooked tender pork belly in sweet soy sauce with Japanese mustard
served with Japanese coleslaw in ponzu sesame dressing and edamame rice

Saikyou yaki 
Black Cod marinated in Saikyou miso and grilled served with vegetable tempura and Oriental mushroom rice.

Kaisen Kushi age
Deep-fried panko breadcrumbed Tiger prawns, Queen scallop, salmon and vegetables
served with Green salad and steamed rice garnished with yukari flakes

Assorted nigiri zushi and sushi rolls
Yellow tail,tuna, scallop,salmon, sea bass and vegetable sushi rolls
(available in vegetarian)

Tofu steak (v)
Beancurd steak in soy miso sauce garnished with Oriental mushrooms , grated ginger, mooli radish and chilli thread
served with Japanese pickled vegetables and green pea rice



Selection of ice cream
Black sesame seeds, green tea, chestnuts, red beans , vanilla and chocolate
(Please choose 2 flavours)

Deep-fried red bean rolls with green tea ice cream

Green tea mousse with berries

Seasonal exotic fruits


Kei is happy to create bespoke Dinner Party Menu upon request.
If you would like the price or would like further information, please contact Kei.