Kobachi and Otsumami, Japanese Style Tapas

Small dishes that are similar to Spanish tapas. Kobachi means small dishes and Otsumami means finger food.

Japanese style tapasThese dishes are very popular in Japan and Japanese people love to have nibbles of varieties of small dishes when they are drinking.

Ideal for a party!

You can order 5 dishes or more as a complete light meal.

Kobachi and Otsumami Sample Menu

Japanese – Hot

Thinly sliced sea bass sashimi with yuzu oil

Rolled smoked trout Japanese style with avocado

Salmon sashimi

Beef tataki thinly sliced seared fillet of beef with julienne of vegetables  with ponzu sauce

Beef shabu shabu salad thinly sliced sirloin beef served with sesame sauce

Okonomi yaki  savoury pancake with fruity sauce with the choice of toppings of prawns or pork (available v)

Aburi zushi two nigiri sushi hand moulded bite size sushi topped with seared tuna and seared beef

Nigiri zushi two hand moulded bite size sushi with salmon and sea bass

Temari zushi two bite size traditional handball sushi with smoked salmon and cooked tiger prawn garnished with gold leaf and sea vegetable , samphire

Vegetarian temari zushi two bite size handball sushi with edible cherry blossoms (seasonal)(v)

Inari zushi bean curd parcel with sushi rice and vegetables (v)

Inari soba bean curd parcel stuffed with buckwheat soba noodles in wasabi tsuyu sauce (v) 

Braised hijiki seaweed and vegetables (v)

Kinpira renkon lotus roots cooked with soy and mirin garnished with chilli thread (v)

Aparagus in sesame sauce (v)

Fusion – Hot

Cod bites deep-fried cod in light batter coated with aonori seaweeds, garnished with vermicelli thread

Roast breast of duck marinated with soy and citrus sweet yuzu tea

Spicy chicken and Oriental vegetables on chicory boat

Thai fish cake with sweet chilli sauce

Shanghai style braised soy chicken wings

Tiger prawns, shitake mushroom and oba leaf spring rolls with Oriental salsa

Pan-fried scallop with shot of rice wine, soy and chilli

Deep-fried vermicelli coated Tiger prawns with padron green pepper

Char grilled Tiger prawns with spicy Oriental pesto sauce

Braised bean curd with Oriental mushrooms (v)

Broad beans with spring onions (v)

Korean style grilled sirloin beef wrapped with fresh Vietnamese rice paper

Korean pickled spicy kimchi leaf rolled with thinly sliced pork

Fresh Vietnamese rice paper roll with tiger prawns and aromatic herbs

Crispy lettuce leaf filled with char grilled Tiger prawn marinated in coriander, lemon grass , red chilli with crushed ginger sauce

Sugar snaps peas and radish with wasabi argan oil dressing on chicory boat (v)


Fusion – Cold

If you would like the full list and price of the Kobachi and Otsumami menu or would like any further information please contact Kei.

Tara no Saikyou yaki grilled black cod with Saikyou miso

Yakitori – skewered chicken grilled with teriyaki sauce served with hichimi seven spice

Asparagus wrapped with thinly sliced sirloin beef grilled with teriyaki sauce

King prawn tempura – deep - fried in light tempura batter served with dipping sauce

Pan–fried Queen scallop flavoured with citrus yuzu garnished with chilli thread and black tobiko caviar

Buta no Kakuni slow cooked tender pork belly in sweet soy sauce served with Japanese mustard

Vegetable Tempura selection of vegetables deep-fried in light tempura batter served with dipping sauce (v)

Agedashi tofu deep-fried beancurd in tsuyu sauce (v)

Aubergine with yuzu miso sauce. (v)

Japanese – Cold