Thank you Kei for the great sushi you always make for us. It is always so beautifully presented and tastes great. It is one of the best sushi we ever had.
Thank you x
Sabrina Dolan Gerrards Cross Buckinghamshire

I have known Kei since she had a Japanese restaurant in Gerrards Cross. I have used her catering services for many occasions, including Weddings, House Warming Party and Private Parties. The food supplied by Kei always amazes me. The quality of the food has consistently been of a high standard and the presentation is quite stunning and is further complimented by the friendliness and efficiency of her team. Great food and joy to eat. Highly recommended!
Bhulo Kansagra, Northwood, Middlesex

Kei used to cater for us at Hitachi Capital (UK) when I was CEO and we had Japanese visitors. Her authentic Japanese food was always greatly appreciated by us British and our Japanese friends.
My wife and I, and sometimes also our Japanese visitors were frequent visitors in the past to the Lan Restaurant in Gerrards Cross which was run by Kei. Again, the delicious Oriental cuisine was of a very high standard.
We continue to use Kei’s catering services for private parties and for special treats. Kei makes delicious and varied sushi and many other dishes for us, much to the delight of our friends, who often haven’t tasted Japanese food before. The presentation of the food is quite stunning with great attention to detail and is a joy to eat. We highly recommend her.
David Anthony (Formerly CEO Hitachi Capital (UK) PLC)

I have now taken two cooking classes - Japanese Tapas and Okonomi -yaki - with Kei and both were absolutely fantastic! 
It's a very pleasant and relaxed atmosphere in Kei's kitchen which is simply a great spot both for cooking and socialising with the other participants.
Both evenings were great fun and Kei explained not only the cooking and preparation but also the idea behind each dish so well that it provides plenty of inspiration for new dishes. All dishes are great for both party food and your own evening dinners.
Beware though - once you start, you can't stop, so I'm certainly going back for my classes to learn even more about Japanese food and cooking.
Volker Ahlemeyer, London

I have attended with my daughter, two of Kei’s cookery classes. In one, we learnt to make Sushi and in the other we learnt the method of Tempura cooking.
We found both classes exciting and very different, and often unique, but always very high quality ingredients were provided by Kei.
By far the nicest part was sitting down later in Kei’s lovely dining room, to enjoy eating the delicious meals we had prepared!
Brigid Anthony, Stoke Poges, Buckinghamshire

The sushi delivered by Kei always looks astounding and tastes extremely delicious! The colour and attention to detail is unlike anything I have seen before. I recommend Kei for anything from small to large catering requirements.
You will not be disappointed!
Natasha Turner

Kei’s sushi is just amazing! I am so excited to have discovered such fantastic sushi on my doorstep. The quality, flavours and presentation is truly brilliant.
Rachael Van Reesch

I have known Kei when she had the Japanese Restaurant in Gerrards Cross and have missed her cuisine greatly. What a pleasure it was to learn we can get the food now specially prepared by herself. I was not disappointed. Freshly prepared and attention to detail and presentation, taste like it's suppose to be, i.e. extremely fresh and yummy!
I have no hesitation in recommending Kei for her cuisine.
Christina Pegg, Hibiscus Beauty Clinic, Stoke Poges, Buckinghamshire

Our family was introduced to Kei about a year ago by some friends of ours. We were looking for someone who would prepare and deliver sushi to our home. Since then, Kei has provided us with meal after meal of incredible, restaurant quality sushi that our family and friends absolutely love. It’s so good that we’ve stopped dining out for sushi and simply call Kei. Her sense of service and quality is unmatched and, to top it all off, she’s an incredible person.
I don’t know what we would do without Kei and we thank our friends every time we enjoy another one of her excellent sushi meals!
Tony Bulak and Angela Brav, Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire

I attended Kei’s cookery class, not knowing what to expect. She has an amazing passionate approach to her teaching. She has a wealth of creative recipes many of which would only be found in top restaurants.
My day spent with Kei has enthused me to experiment with Japanese and Oriental cuisine.
I can not recommend Kei highly enough!
Jeannette Whitehouse, Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire

Kei prepares some of the most delicious food I have ever tasted. You can choose from a wide menu and put together a really tantalising meal of different flavours and textures.
Kei has cooked for me on three occasions one being New Years Eve which made it very special. On another occasion she prepared canapés which were outstanding.
Kei has an incredible flair for preparing food. She is meticulous in her preparation and her presentation and also leaves your kitchen clean and tidy. Kei’s food is an eating experience.
Having a cooking lesson with Kei is an experience not to be missed. Kei is very ordered in her approach to preparing food and so that makes it so much easier to follow what she is doing. We concentrated on making sushi with fish and vegetables. Step by step we went through the different processes and the end result was delicious! I found the whole exercise therapeutic and relaxing.
Penny from Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire

I have never been disappointed with food prepared and supplied by Kei. Excellent quality, maximum freshness and full flavour are always present. Whether it’s for home dining or something a little more casual, Kei can be relied upon to produce wonderful and perfectly prepared dishes to excite the taste buds and satisfy the stomach.
Her knowledge of Japanese food is unsurpassed in my experience and she never fails to transfer that knowledge into producing fantastic results in the kitchen.
John Lerwell, Senior Partner, A.A. Thornton & Co, London

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Kei on our in - house Demonstration of Sushi making.

From the outset, Kei took time to understand the business and how the Workshops should be structured to maximise time and interest of those attending. Kei gave a history of Sushi, the health benefits and demonstrated how to make a number of different types of Sushi.
Kei made sure that there was plenty of time for some members of staff to “have a go“ at making Sushi and she made sure that everyone achieved a perfect result!

There was then time for Sushi tasting and comment ranged from - “I had no idea Sushi tasted like this“ to “That is amazingly fresh“.

Throughout the events, Kei was very generous in talking about her experiences and answered questions on a wide range of topics including subjects as diverse as Japanese supermarkets and restaurants and where to holiday in Japan. In summery, Kei is knowledgeable, professional and an absolute joy to work with.

On a personal note, I would like to say how much of a pleasure it was to organise the event at HH with Kei and I really enjoyed the talk and demonstration and to have the really great feedback from everybody made me really happy!

Patricia Keane, Harwood Hutton, Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire

For me it was an incredible experience . I thought Kei was really nice and helpful. She certainly will teach you a lot when you go. I learnt so much and it was really good fun. The food was amazing!
Ben Dibdin, Kings Langley, Hertfordshire

13 years old boy who came to one to one private lesson.

Such a good day and the sushi was amazing . Thank you again and hope to see you soon for more lessons.
Michelle Dibdin , mother of Ben

We’ve taken several classes with Kei and highly recommend them. Being especially fond of Japanese food, we’ve been delighted to learn from a genuine expert in authentic Japanese food .
We particularly enjoyed our lessons in gourmet sushi, black cod, shabu-shabu, gyoza and miso soup among others. Apart from her culinary expertise, Kei is also a wonderful host; she is generous, hospitable and fun! We recommend her classes to everyone!
Andy and Sharon Cheung, Cambridgeshire

A huge “THANK YOU“ for all the effort you put into such a wonderful meal last night. The meal was beautiful both in presentation and taste so I look forward to experiencing your cooking again.
Attending Kei’s Supper Club, Tony Sheldon, Berkshire