Tempura Class - price from £70pp

Did you know that Tempura is not a native Japanese dish?
The Japanese make this deep fried dish by the subtle art of locking the natural flavour of ingredients with a light golden coating!

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Canapés and Finger Food from the East - price from £ 70pp

The festive Season is approaching! Learn to make tasty, totally fuss free, super easy party bites to impress your family and friends .

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Easy Entertaining with Gourmet Dishes Class - price from £120 pp

Are you planning a Dinner Party? Would you like to “wow“ your family or friends by creating easy gourmet dishes which will be very tasty and visually pleasing as seasonal presentation is vital in Japanese cuisine.

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Posh Bento making Class - price from £80pp

Learn how to make Posh Bento Box,a Japanese lunch box with Kei and take away a lovely re-usable bento box with you!
You will be making 3 styles of onigiri rice balls and 4 delicious and easy dishes.
All the dishes you created are not just for bento, you could also have them for your dinner.

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Street Food! Okonomi-yaki class - price from £70pp

Japanese savoury pancake, “As you like it “.
Learn how to make this popular street food and two more dishes!

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Sushi Rolls and more ways with Sushi Class - price from £80 pp

A hands-on practical introduction to sushi class. Kei will show you the basic know-how of sushi making and skills. You will learn various type of sushi rolls and Temari sushi, the traditional mini hand ball sushi.

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Gourmet Dinner Party Sushi and Sashimi Class - price from £115 pp

A fantastic class to learn more sophisticated and “wow” factor gourmet sushi and sashimi. Ideal for a Dinner Party and it will guarantee you impress your family and friends.


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Black Cod “Saikyou yaki”and Gourmet Dishes Class - price from £120 pp

Black Cod which became so famous at Nobu, the upmarket restaurant in London.
This dish is very popular in Japan using sweet, buttery, pale coloured Saikyou miso paste from Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan.

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Ultimate Plant-based Healthy Eating. "Why do Japanese live long, stay young and slim!"- price from £80 pp

Kei will introduce you to all the secret ingredients like fermented products,seeds  and sea vegetables and their health benefits, weight control and better skin.
She will also teach you making sushi without using rice

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Children and Teenager's Sushi making class- price from £40pp 

Ideal for Birthday Party!Japanese sushi are not just tasty and healthy, they are good fun to make. It will also offer an opportunity to introduce your children to creativity, chance to learn a different culture and broaden their palettes. After the session, they will enjoy the sushi they made as well as  take home so parents will have an opportunity to enjoy it!

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Street Food! Gyoza, Japanese style dumpling and chicken teriyaki class - price from £70pp

Juicy crispy dumplings are known as Gyoza in Japan and are very popular street food. You will also learn how to make Kei’s secret home made teriyaki sauce, chicken teriyaki and one more dish.

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Private Class - price from £150 

A bespoke Cookery Class especially for you! Ideal for a Birthday Cookery Party, Celebration, Hen's Night matched with Japanese inspired cocktails or One-to-One or just with your friends or family . You can choose the date, time and dishes you would like to create. Class can be held one-to-one or up to 10 people from Kei's Kitchen or unlimited numbers of people from your kitchen or your chosen venue. Kei can arrange a venue for you too.

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Corporate Events/Team Building - price from £40pp

Japanese cookery workshops are an ideal way to become closer to your colleagues whilst you learn and create tasty Japanese dishes like sushi rolls or more sophisticated gourmet dishes. You can choose the time, date and dishes you and your colleagues would like to create. After the workshop you will enjoy the dishes you have created with wine/sake.

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Kazari Sushi - Mount Fuji


Mt Fuji and Kazari decorative Sushi class coming  soon.

Japanese Cookery Classes

These classes cover a wide range of dishes from authentic street food, ever popular sushi, delightful vegetarian to more sophisticated gourmet dishes. They will provide a perfect way to discover the great taste, nutritional value with the added bonus of learning how to present the dishes in Japanese simplicity of elegance and style, dining experience, table manners, culture and of course with a nice glass of wine or sake.

All classes are hands-on with maximum of 8 people from Kei’s kitchen in Seer Green, Buckinghamshire. Kei will share her skills and knowledge in an exciting and fun way in informal settings. After the session you will enjoy the dishes you have created. Some food can be taken home.

Classes can be held at your kitchen or venue by arrangement.

 Join the class with 2 people and one person will receive 20% off. Book your favourite class with 2 people or more to suit your time and date.

How to cook perfect Japanese rice - a short video