“The Japanese way of eating is the healthiest kind of food without compromising taste – it will nourish your heart, body and soul, I very much hope you will join me to experience this beautiful cuisine.”

Kei Shiba

Kei ShibaAbout Kei Shiba

If Kei’s name sounds familiar, chances are that’s because she used to own Lan, the much-missed Japanese restaurant in Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire. Kei was able to introduce her cuisine to a wide and very appreciative audience. Amongst her customers were Des O’Connor, Pierce Brosnan and the late Sir John Mills.

Kei came from, Kobe, Japan, an area blessed with sea and mountains and famous for their marbled
Kobe beef.

Back in the days when Kei lived in Japan, it was her mother who first introduced her to the art of cooking and who taught her the importance of what to eat.

Graduating from the Tsuji Cookery School, Kei also learnt the fine art of Japanese flower arrangement, Ikebana, and the ancient art of the Japanese tea ceremony, Chadou, as part of Hanayome Shugyou, bridal learning.

When Kei’s mother opened her restaurant in Kobe, Kei was instrumental in setting up the business which regularly entertained Japanese royalty.

By the time Kei arrived in London in 1983, she had already travelled throughout the Far East, bringing with her an extensive knowledge of food from many countries.

Her love of food never left her and the rest is a history.

Kei believes fine food should delight all five senses, to dazzle the imagination and that visually pleasing presentation is an important part of Japanese cuisine.

Kei’s skill for cooking, sometimes with a twist of Far Eastern Fusion, will tempt anyone who appreciates good food, all done with her unique sense of style and elegance.

Kei believes her mission is to extend her passion and love of Japanese Cooking to you all to share with friends and family.