Japanese and Oriental Fusion Bowl Food

Great choice for stand up events or reception party.

Bowl food  are mini main course and they are easy to eat and do not have to line up for food. Waiting staff will walk around with bowl food to your guests and they will get their own portion.

Choose 2 or 3 bowl food, also ideal to serve after canapés or finger foods to fill your stomach.

Most of our bowl food are authentic Japanese while some are from other part of Asia. They are all beautifully presented and bursting with magical flavours. You will have an inspired eating experience! 

Salmon teriyakiBowl Food Sample Menu

Japanese - Cold

  • White fish sashimi served on sushi rice
  • Salmon sashimi served on sushi rice
  • Assorted sashimi served on sushi rice
  • Selection of sushi rolls and temari zushi
  • Sashimi salad
  • Seared Scottish fillet of beef with citrus yuzu dressing on bed of Japanese style salad and fragrant herbs
  • Selection of vegetable sushi rolls and temari zushi (v)
  • Scattered sushi salad with lotus roots and vegetables (v)
  • Three kind of seasonal vegetables / sea vegetables with seasoned rice (v)

Belly of porkJapanese - Hot

  • Wagyu , Japanese sirloin beef steak with soy butter, garlic chips and karashi Japanese mustard on rice or with mooli radish salad
  • Salmon / Chicken Teriyaki with steamed rice or with Japanese  style salad with yuzu wasabi dressing or sesame dressing
  • Tiger prawn  and vegetable tempura with steamed rice
  • Deep fried cod bites coated with aonori seaweeds sprinkled with  Himalayan seas salt with vegetables in season
  • Pork fillet in ginger sauce with rice or with Japanese style salad
  • Japanese style curry with prawn or pork katsu with rice
  • Braised tender belly of pork with bamboo shoot on rice
  • Japanese style chicken fried rice with peas in omelette
  • Japanese style fried noodles - yakisoba (available as v)
  • Pan fried tofu bean curd steak and vegetables on rice (v)
  • Vegetable tempura with rice (v)

Fusion bowl foodFusion - Cold

  • Green papaya salad with white crab meat or King prawns
  • Vietnamese lemon grass beef salad with lotus roots on bed of vermicelli rice noodles
  • Hanoi style chicken salad with fragrant herbs
  • Green papaya salad (v)
  • Halong Bay cucumber salad with dill and coriander on bed of vermicelli rice noodles (v) 

Fusion - Hot

  • Thai chicken green curry with rice
  • Thai red curry with king prawns with rice
  • Korean style grilled BBQ style beef with seasoned vegetables and spicy kimchi cabbage with rice
  • Hanoi style deep fried fish with fragrant herbs
  • Kei's sweet and sour tenderloin of pork with rice or with fried rice
  • Chicken, Oriental mushrooms and garlic fried rice
  • Classic Pad Thai noodles
  • Singapore fried rice noodles (available as v)
  • Thai vegetable green curry with rice (v)
  • Hot and spicy stir-fried aubergine and green beans with rice or with fried rice (v)
  • Pak choi and chestnuts fried rice (v) 

If you would like the full list and price of Bowl Food or would like further information please contact Kei.