Tempura Class

To make a booking or for any enquires, please contact Kei.

To be arranged

Book this class with two people or more to suit your time and date.

Location: Kei’s kitchen in Seer Green, Buckinghamshire

Price: Weekday: £70pp, Weekend: £80pp

Includes all ingredients, printed recipes and list of shops to buy the Japanese ingredients, sit down lunch/dinner served with steamed rice with glass of wine. Some tempura can be taken home.

Tempura classesYou will learn:

  • Introduction to Japanese ingredients and utensils
  • How to prepare and cut King prawns, scallops, cod and vegetable for various types of tempura

  • How to make tentsuyu, dipping sauce

  • How to deep-fry various types of tempura in right temperature which is very important ! ; King prawns, cod bites with vermicelli thread, different types of vegetable in season
  • Presentation skills
  • What to buy and where to buy

Vegetarian options available

Please let Kei know your dietary requirement in advance.

To make a booking or any inquires, please contact Kei.